Who Is DJ Ezoh?

     Jose Lara AKA DJ Ezoh is a local Austinite who grew up in a family who loves music. At a young age he would attend quinceaneras and weddings where music played a huge part. He was always amazed by the way the DJ was able to put everyone in a good mood and make you want to just get up and dance. As he grew older DJ Ezoh loved listening to live radio broadcasts of DJs at the local nightclubs. He was inspired by the way the DJs would keep a steady beat going throughout their set. Smoothly transitioning from song to song and using remixes that were almost impossible to find. In 2006 Jose downloaded a free audio editing software and started trying to recreate these remixes. In 2008 his mom bought him an old dual CD player and mixer set up at a garage sale. With time DJ Ezoh was able to teach himself how to use the equipment. Soon after he started playing at all of his family’s and friend’s parties.

     In 2011 DJ Ezoh decided to take his craft to the next level. He sought mentorship from DJs playing at the latin nightclubs he would go to. These mentors taught him how to read and play to a crowd in a club environment. DJ Ezoh took all he learned from his mentors along with his own tastes in music to chisel out his own style and sound. He continued playing larger weddings and quinceaneras with a couple of opportunities to mix at the clubs his mentors played. All along continuing to teach himself how to remix and produce songs. 

     In 2013 DJ Ezoh felt he wanted to expand and keep learning all he could about the art of DJing. He gained mentors from Austin’s popular Downtown scene who schooled him on the downtown party rocker style. They taught him how to take his mixes to the next level by controlling and planning the energy of the night. In 2014 DJ Ezoh started playing sets at all the places his mentors played downtown and around Austin. Filling in for them whenever needed. These mentors also introduced DJ Ezoh to the art of video mixing. In 2015 DJ Ezoh enrolled at Mediatech Institute in Austin, TX. At Mediatech he has further broadened his knowledge of creating and mixing music and working in the music industry. 

     Currently DJ Ezoh uses his arsenal of diverse music variety and experience to play at a wide range of private and public events. DJ Ezoh has played at some of the most popular clubs and bars in Austin, TX and plans to keep perfecting his art for many years to come, expanding, developing and pushing into the future of DJing.
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