DJ Ezoh, also known as Jose Lara, hails from the live music capital of the world, Austin Texas. A strong affinity for music compelled him to begin his career as a DJ in 2008 at the age of 16. It was during this time he developed his skills, learning how to mix and read a crowd, while playing for weddings and birthday parties. By 2013, he had started to gain notoriety and was invited to play at bars and clubs. Always looking to improve his craft, in 2015 he attended Mediatech school for the recording arts, where he honed his technical expertise and learned to listen in whole new way. Today, he enjoys playing Latin, top 40 hits, and hip-hop, and is most loved for his smooth mix and ability to get a crowd going. To all who have the opportunity to meet him, his deep appreciation for music, respect for creativity, and drive to hone his craft shine through in all that he does.

Resident DJ at

          Chupacabra Cantina - Sun. Mon. Tues.


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